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DocumentBuilder operates on a 'fair trade' basis - we supply a high quality product at a fair price, and we expect payment to occur in a reasonable time:

  • With DocumentBuilder, you accept responsibility to pay all invoices by the date they fall due.
  • All prices quoted assume that an invoice is paid by its due date.
  • If an invoice is unpaid after its due date, DocumentBuilder may send you a reminder, and you may be asked to pay more than the original invoice price, because of the time & cost involved in seeking payment.
  • If an invoice then remains unpaid after a further, reasonable period, DocumentBuilder reserves the right to apply a 'loading' to any further invoices, and/or to terminate your right of access to DocumentBuilder.
  • DocumentBuilder hopes that its customer relationships will always be positive.  If you ever have any concerns about our products, pricing or service, please contact us as soon as possible.

FEES (Including 10% GST)
Basic Agreement
Online (Credit Card / PayPal) $79.75

Premium Agreement
Online (Credit Card / PayPal) $99.00

Contractor Agreement
Online (Credit Card / PayPal) $198.00

Sample Agreements
Sample documents are free, but may only be used to:
  • Develop DocumentBuilder templates
  • Determine the suitability of DocumentBuilder documents.

All material produced by DocumentBuilder is copyright. Therefore, if any person or business creates their own documents based on DocumentBuilder content or ideas without paying the appropriate fee to DocumentBuilder, DocumentBuilder reserves the right to demand payment from that person or business.


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